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We contacted Jo at Heelmblu back in November 2017 regarding a Blue Heeler pup. 

We were prepared to wait and were impressed with Jo’s follow up throughout.  Our little Blue man arrived via plane in May 2018 without visiting the kennel or seeing the pups in person. Jo kept us informed throughout via phone and email with regular updates.  Immediately we knew we could trust and rely upon Jo with frank and honest assistance.  From puppy insurance to his routine and diet Heelmblu were fantastic in keeping us up to date and informed.


Our pup is a solid [well built] and athletic individual with a well natured personality, who was instantly acclimatised to his new surroundings through the efforts and endeavours of Heelmblu.  When Roley arrived he was partly toilet trained, sleeping through, healthy and happy.We wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Heelmblu to any potential families looking for a loyal companion based on our experience.


Regards, Reid family, Pullenvale

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I purchased a pup from Jo at Heelmblu. The service Jo provided made my decision very easy; the hardest decision was choosing which puppy. I live interstate in Melbourne and was not able to visit the litter prior to taking a little one home. 

Jo called me a every week with updates on their personality and she helped me choose the pup I would ultimately call my best mate.

We decided on two pups that showed different characteristics I was looking for, loyalty, calm and 'a thinker'. From then Jo spent time with each pup separately and together and matched the perfect pup to me.

I especially appreciate the care Jo gave each individual pup, explain how much food they required depending on their bone development, size and shape. I called my Blue Heeler Bruce.

Bruce gets stopped at the park, beach and shops all the time for his beautiful nature and good looks. He is very smart and has taken to training almost instantly, currently doing tricks like, shake, high-five, drop and roll-over. I very highly recommend putting a deposit on the next litter as my pup has been a dream, a level head with a flair of personality and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

                                            Kind Regards Hannah









When looking for our puppy I made numerous phone calls to several breeders.  I was looking for a breeder who showed a genuine love and concern for the dogs they breed.  I was looking for a breeder who wasn’t afraid to ask me questions to determine whether their puppy was right for our home.  I was looking for a breeder who was prepared to answer my questions to ensure their puppy had a smooth transition to our home. 


The first phone call I made to Jo at Heelmblu put me at ease (yes  I was quizzed to determine whether an energetic  Cattle Dog was going to be a welcome addition - but this is what I was looking for – someone who cared more about their dogs then potentially upsetting a buyer ).


I immediately knew that Jo was the breeder I wanted to deal with – it was obvious that Jo loved her dogs for more than their breeding ability – they were obviously an integral part of the family. Despite not having a female puppy available -  which is what I originally wanted -  I was still drawn to Heelmblu for the professionalism and obvious love of the Blue Cattle Dog. 


I am so happy that I stuck to my instinct and meet with Jo and her beautiful dogs.  Our dog, Blaze is everything (and more) that we wanted in a dog –


An affectionate loving companion for our children

A protector for our family, (already he will let us know before someone enters our property)

An intelligent and easy to train companion . Our 5 year old taught Blaze to sit and shake in one afternoon! Within days of this he knew how to drop.  When walking Blaze I would ask him to sit when a car would pass – I was amazed when just days into this training he sat by himself before being asked at the sound of a car approaching!


Thank-you Jo for choosing our family to adopt one of your precious puppies!


 I would highly recommend Jo and Heelmblu for your

Australian Cattle Dog.


Love her so much already thanks Heelmblu 

for the great start in life for our girl, Tilly.

We have lots of cuddles we love her thanks

Jo for everthing.


The Galwey's



We are delighted with Tammy's intelligence, alertness and readiness to play.

She loves to explore and investigate and is full of energy and health. She loves company and is very affectionate.

At five months of age she looks after her yard, family and our older dog.

She had a great start in life at Heelmblu and we appreciated the time you spent with Tam to prepare her for her new home and the package that you put together for us of food, toy and information and instructions about Tam herself.

She is a great little companion.

Alison and Ian

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